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International Relations


 The Federation of Northern , Southern Rhodesia and Nyasaland is an important landmark in the history of Zambia and the region.

One of the most important lessons that Zambia provides to its neighbors in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region and in Africa as a whole is that of peaceful co-existence despite  having over 70 ethnic groups.

  As a member of the SADC region, Zambia has contributed immensely towards the achievement of independence of other SADC member states as well as playing a significant role of peace negotiation efforts for its neighboring countries.

Zambia is a full member of the African Development Bank, COMESA, Common Wealth to name but a few.

Having joined the United Nations in December 1694, Zambia has supported the UN Peacekeeping missions in Africa and beyond.

Zambia Development Agency

Established under the ZDA Act No:11 of 2006, the ZDA is tasked with attracting and facilitating investment while improving the overall business and investment climate. The agency is client focused, providing effective and comprehensive business facilitation , development services as well as market information in order to promote Zambian exports. The ZDA facilitates the speedy approval of licenses by all Government agencies and assist in obtaining land for economic projects and work permits for expatriate staff